These Contouring Tutorials Will Solve All Your Makeup Problems

By Christina Jaber
01 Mar,2021

Contouring and sculpting your face isn’t always the easiest, because things can get messy with just one mistake, and you really don’t want that.

At the same time, you’re just done with watching long makeup tutorials just to find the one that gives you all the tips and tricks for a sculpted face without putting on tons of products and ending up with a heavy result, whether it’s a day look or a classy night one.

Since we are spending lots of time scrolling through Instagram, we found some amazing contouring tutorials, we tried them and we thought of sharing them with you.

Here are our favorite Instagram short videos for some simple but life-changing tricks when it comes to contouring.


Some really fine lines are enough - with Nathalie Sallaum



Step by step contouring with Faryal Makhdoom



Soft and glowing contouring with Hilda Dagher



The light and dark areas with Samer Khouzami