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This Non-Invasive Korean Anti-Aging Treatment Will Give You The Youthful Skin You’re Dreaming Of

By Justine Feutry – Madame Figaro
22 Feb,2021

Whether you choose to do it at home or in a beauty institute, the Korean Lift is a life-changing treatment.

In an Instagram video showing her skincare routine, Naomi Campbell used this anti-aging technique, causing a buzz all over the world.



This patented technology diffuses vitamins, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and plant stem cells, to give you a radiant complexion, a smoother skin, a refined skin texture, a reshaped facial contour, reduced dark circles and even more.


The revolutionary Ruby-Cell airbrush process


It was in 2018, during a trip to Hong Kong, that the founder of SeeMy Cosmetics in France, Elodie Raheria, discovered this technique, which consists of spraying active ingredients on the face and neck by nano diffusion. The goal is a deep penetration of all active ingredients at all levels of the epidermis. "The immediate before / after result convinced me to take a closer look." Two years later and after the development of plant stem cells (derived from anti-inflammatory ginseng, firming sea fennel and antioxidant edelweiss), she started offering this technique to her clients in her Paris institute. "There is a real importance of the gestures, with a very technical maneuver”.



The airbrush gun which allows this non-invasive misting must indeed alternate short and long movements, at different points of the face, for a subtle acupressure effect. "Drainage is done by air: we oxygenate the tissues, we stimulate circulation, and we stimulate and fluidify lymphatic drainage." All this not only to wake the complexion up, but to also redraw the volumes of the face. The formula contained in small ampoules multiplies the assets between hyaluronic acid, collagen and ceramides. The application is done as a treatment in the beauty clinic, but can also be used at home with the Ruby-Cell device, allowing daily use for 15 minutes in the morning and / or evening.



Visible results after one session


This nano-droplet process has also caught the of French clean beauty brand, Seasonly. For Céline Perrin, the brand’s director, this technique complements the facialists' gestures, which are the brand's signature.



"The idea is to always combine a technicality that brings real results while keeping this notion of pleasure. As the airbrush application is very pleasant on the skin, just like its fragrance, we offer it combined with one of our classic treatments (1h 15 minutes) or just with makeup removal in a shorter formula (30 minutes).” A perfect format for those who want to rekindle their glow on their lunch break or before an event.