What is the Best Hairstyle to Go for with a Facemask?

We got the answer from celebrities
By Justine Feutry / Madame Figaro
04 Jun,2020

Loose hair or with accessory? It is not always easy to know how to do your hair when you are wearing a facemask. However, celebrities have made their choices, giving us some inspiration.


If wearing a mask is not always mandatory, it is highly recommended in order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19. It is that one advice that celebrities have adopted for a walk with their children or for walking their dog. We cannot ignore that this paper or fabric accessory also has some constraints. Besides its side effects on the face, it would ruin your hairstyle, because you have to hang it behind the ears or tie it on the neck. Facemasks, which have become a needed accessory in our daily life, can be annoying with flying hair or with a low ponytail.


Loose hair

From Jennifer Garner to the new fiancée of her ex-husband Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, some have decided that nothing beats a natural loose hair with facemask. The risk? Hair getting in your eyes and the irresistible urge to touch your face... which is strongly inadvisable during the pandemic. Lily Collins and model Constance Jablonski, added a pair of sunglasses to avoid this problem.


Jennifer Garner


Ana de Armas
Anna De Armas



Tied hair

On the contrary, some celebs preferred to choose a wiser option which is tied hair. It is a practical hairstyle that ensures everything stays in place. Olivia Palermo tied the scarf to protect her face around the hair scrunchie of her ponytail for maximum style. Kate Mara opted for a double braid to match her floral mask. And Lucy Hale adopts pigtails with a stripe in the middle perfect to energize her sports outfit.

Olivia Palermo


kate mara
Kate Mara





The bun

It was already obvious that it is a fast and easy hairstyle to do. Therefore, the bun had a good chance of being the most adopted hairstyle during this period, when we wanted to combine aesthetic and practical in one hairstyle. Elle Macpherson proves that it is ideal hairstyle for being able to lift your mask over your head when you want to drink coffee. Lucy Hale chose it in a half-tail version to be able to do some workout. Just like Katherine Schwarzenegger who accessorized it with a colored ribbon to break a monochrome outfit. Finally, Kate Mara has also chose the bun as the perfect hairstyle for family walks.

lucy hale
Lucy Hale

katherine schwarzenegger

Katherine Schwarzenegger




The cap

It is Hollywood celebrities’ favorite accessory for its sporty and casual side, and it remains their favorite during this particular period. Once put on the head, it keeps the hair in place and even allows you to put a hood on it for more protection. Katy Perry, who is expecting a little girl, or Rita Ora, are big fans of the cap. But we grant you, this accessory passes more easily on the streets of Los Angeles or London than in an open space.

rita ora

Rita Ora