How to have shiny eyebrows

The trend for this fall
By Helena Saadeh
12 Nov,2019

It is essential that your eyebrows are clean and shaped to implement this look!  With the tip of the wax pen, you can easily draw the contour of your eyebrows. Start from the first eyebrow to the arch, then from the arch to the tip of the eyebrow. In this way, you can get the optimal definition of the shape of the brow. Then move to the flat side of the pen, and lightly fill the entire eyebrow for a touch of intensity. The wax texture is optimized for a shiny and result! Now you must fix the bright effect. Comb your eyebrows with gel in the normal direction of hair growth. Use the long bristles of the double-sided brush to comb the bristles of your eyebrows from the base to the ends to wrap each individual bristle. Then use the short bristles of the brush to arrange the bristles of the upper brow line to preserve the shape of the brow.  And believe me, after you experience the brilliant shine that this gel gives your eyebrows, you'll want to apply it all the time.

To complete the look, apply a few highlighter products under each brow, from tip to tip.  The coolest thing about this product is that you can easily distribute it with your fingers.  Featuring a beige-pink color, this highlighter not only enhances the radiance under the eyebrows but also enlarges your eyes.  For an extra effect, you can even apply a little of it directly above the tip of your eyebrow and distribute it with your finger for a satin finish.  A small amount of it leaves a noticeable impact.