Kilian Launches a Line of Scented Lipsticks

And we love the fragrance twist!
By Helena Saadeh
07 Feb,2019

We as a whole know Kilian Hennessy for his magnificently mixed fragrances under his name brand Kilian. To start his turn into cosmetics, he has launched a collection of six lipsticks, Le Rouge Parfum Lipsticks. With a focus on the famous shade that is red, they all come in both Matte and Satin finishes. “I wanted to create a collection that allows women to find their perfect red in gorgeous, scented lip colors—for lips that make a woman feel daring and elegant at the same time,” says Kilian, “Red lips are just so powerful! They are also one of the most universal weapons of seduction.”

Really upgrading the experience of lipstick, Kilian has mixed every formula with a tempting aroma. Highlighting a mix of gourmand vanilla and flower notes of neroli, it takes into consideration a multisensory encounter. Easy to apply and comfortable, the lipsticks have a nourishing formula that smoothes and protects the lips, for a silky feel.

The black lacquer case that carries the brand’s signature Achilles shield motif is so chic that it makes these lipsticks the ultimate fashion and beauty accessory.