Meet Ella Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter and the US inauguration breakout fashion star

By Augustin Bougro – Madame Figaro
22 Jan,2021

At the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden, the stepdaughter of Kamala Harris stirred the networks with a clever game of fashion and personality.

A stylish look, little round Harry Potter style glasses and a hilarious game of eyebrows. This is how Ella Emhoff won the day on social networks, on the evening of the inauguration of President of the United States Joe Biden. When ex-Vice President Mike Pence arrived, Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter raised her eyebrows. A small visual detail then captured by the cameras. The sequence, as stealthy as it is, did not fail to go viral on social networks, which the young woman is familiar with since she's a fashion influencer.



Influencer and activist

Ella Emhoff already has a strong reputation on the web. A textile design student at the Parsons School of Design in New York, the 21-year-old uses her Instagram account to act as an influencer, especially in fashion. To her 174,000 followers, she shares her overflowing creative spirit and reveals a committed personality. So she favors slow fashion through various presentations of her crochet creations. A knitting technique that she highlights in colorful photos.


And at the same time, she does not hesitate to lift the taboo of female hair by advocating the acceptance of hair, especially that of the armpits. Kamala Harris' stepdaughter isn't shy about posting pictures of herself in a swimsuit, showing off a cow tattooed on her left arm and hairy armpits. She also shows support to other causes, especially to the transgender community, since she supports the "For the Gworls" association by raising funds.



Collar styled the Lady Di way

In an interview with Garage outlet, she said she was reluctant to design her own outfit to wear on inauguration day. "I really want to, but I think I will have to make an exception because such an important moment requires a special outfit," she explained. An exception was finally made. This January 20, 2021, she opted for a long houndstooth  coat, dessigned by Miu Miu, which made its small effect on Twitter with these beaded ornaments and the Lady Di-style maxi collar. "I'll tell you right now, I'm very excited for the next 4 years," said the author of the Haute Le Mode blog.