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This Australian Woman Recreates Kate Middleton’ Looks on a Budget

By Augustin Bougro – Madame Figaro
18 Dec,2020

Kate Middleton's elegant and coveted silhouettes regularly cause stockouts at the high-end labels she chooses her designs from. However, some Instagram users are reproducing her iconic looks but without emptying their wallets and the Australian Jennifer Jomis one of them. 

The Kensington Wardrobe is the name of the new Instagram account @kensingtonwardrobe that pays tribute to Kate Middleton’s style, led by Jennifer Jom, a 37-year-old Australian dentist in Brisbane and a mother of two. This 3,000-plus-member account recreates the Duchess of Cambridge's most iconic outfits. Very faithful replicas that Jennifer gets from second-hand sites, and that cost her less than 100 AED each. A fashionable, accessible and responsible approach, reminiscent of the sustainable style of Kate Middleton who regularly recycles her own wardrobe.



From little floral dresses to more off-duty outfits, including accessories, the entire Duchess's wardrobe is copied. Without forgetting that of her children, Charlotte, George and Louis of Cambridge, which this fan is also trying to get hold of. "I've always liked Kate's style and I noticed her when she started dating Prince William" she explained to the Daily Mail, adding that it was the blue dress she wore during her engagement that ended up convincing her.

Her wardrobe is rich with more than thirty replicas of the outfits of her fashion idol, “who is classy but also one we can relate to. She can wear a tiara one moment, and jeans and sneakers the next". This fashion craze for the monarchy, Jennifer Jom has matured since her childhood, watching her own mother be seduced by Lady Diana's style. She truly began copying the style of Prince William's wife in November 2010. The total price for her royally inspired wardrobe is around 5000 dollars.