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Would You Copy Blanca Miró’s Grandma Dressing?

By Christina Jaber
11 Mar,2021

Blanca Miró, the Spanish fashion influencer, stylist and entrepreneur is famous for her eclectic and colorful style, and she never fails to surprise her followers with out-of-the-box looks.

Co-founder and fashion director of the retail company Visquat and clothing brand La Veste, Blanca Miró is Spain’s Instagram it-girl and queen of street style. She did not let the ongoing coronavirus pandemic stand in the way of her creativity when it came to fashion and styling.

Recently, we’ve been spotting her in colors, patterns and designs featuring a grandma style of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. She brings together pieces you think they can never go together, but they turn out to be cool. We can definitely say she’s the queen of mixing different pieces from different eras.

So, would you copy the grandma dressing she nails? Here are a few inspirations from her Instagram account.


She went for the denim on denim with a long black coat and the babushka grandma scarf. The pop yellow bag and the multi-colored shoe added a retro touch to the look.




She layered a pale yellow coat under and zebra-print coat in black and maroon with a black cross-bag and some black flat boots.




That purple knit headscarf is a bold and unexpected winter accessory. She rocks the comfy and casual vibe. 




Mixing two really different prints and colors is an art only Blanca Miro dares.



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