Gucci 2019-2020 Milano Fashion Week

Top Picks !
By Helena Saadeh
21 Feb,2019

New Fabrics are in

Not only colors and patterns are important when it comes to fashion, also fabrics and textures play a very impressive role. You can wear a plain shirt but spice it up with a blue textured pants that will give a new flavour to the entire outfit.

Ties for TomBoys

Guess What? You can now steal your man’s hoodie AND tie! No longer limited to one gender, the tie had always been a statement for women, Gucci however took it to a whole new level and made it an iconic trend for the upcoming season.

Old became Modest

Because patterns are also important, Gucci brought a very medial look and made it so modest. The stockings and the dresses are coordinated in a way that combines the old elegance with the new stylish.

Colors and Swag

A dash of the hippy era, dark colors are no longer limiting trousers and shirts, Gucci offered a new understanding to the term loose outfits and comfy chic. Big necklaces also are a must and give you a powerful appeal.

Statement coats

Whether you’re into police stories, adventures, and style, all these terms fit into the coat trend Gucci showed us on his Milano Runway. Coats that give you a royal and memorable entrance are a must for you to rise above all the other normal coats you encounter daily.