Trending Shoes for summer 2019

Make it or break it
By Helena Saadeh
15 Mar,2019

Calvin Klein

Running shoes are more than just any pair of sneakers. We all agree that these pairs can make you look fabulous -if you chose them well- and keep you comfortable all day long. We are obsessed with the eccentric Calvin Klein sneakers, a must-have this season.


We all have black shoes, we all have sexy shoes, but not all of us have colorful and stylish Fendi shoes! Get yourself this pair and watch your life switch to pink. These shoes are way too stylish to be kept in the closet.

Alexandre Birman

Neon is trending, and we all know that right? However, these shoes are very summery and the pair already gave us the vibe. Rise and shine with these neon heels and conquer the world in style.


Lazy days turned to Fashion days with these Chloé sandals! Gorgeous and stylish without even putting an effort. These would look great with any denim style or even casual skirts and dresses.