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Give your Nails Extra-Care during Ramadan

Find 4 ways to prevent their breakage
By Vanessa Haber
22 May,2020

You may give up on applying nail polish during Ramadan, but that doesn’t mean that you can stop taking care of your nails. They actually need full care, especially during this month, where fasting and abstaining from drinking water for long hours will affect your skin and your nails as well. You will need topay more attentions to your nails to preventtheir breakage and fragility.


How to take care of your nails during Ramadan so they staystrong?


Nail creams

Hand creams are not enough.You need a nail cream that moisturizes and protects your nails from breakage. Noting that nail creams will nourish and provide your nails with vitamins. Here are some products you can shop right now:



yes to coconut

Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Moisturizing Hand & Cuticle Cream



hard as hoof

Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream Nail Strengthener



Jojoba oil

Vitamin E Serum by Leven Rose



Calcium gel

You can nourish your nails can using a calcium gel to protect the nails from cracking and breaking, as well as giving the nails a smooth texture. If you intend to apply nail polish, you can use a calcium gel as a base coat, which helps the color last longer.


flormar calcium gel

Calcium Gel, Flormar




Revlon Calcium Gel Nail Hardener




Astranails, Calcium Gel



Cut and trim your nails

It is important to cut and trim your nails every once in a while, because your nails will become stronger everytime. However, make sure to use good quality of clippers and nail trimmers, to prevent any harm. Here are some good nail clippers:



EasyComforts EZ Grip Nail Clippers




Kohm KP-700 Nail Clippers 




HIFAU 8pcs Premium Nail Kit



Wear gloves

Every Iftar follows washing the dishes and cleaning the place. Be careful not to do all the cleaning without protecting your hands and nails by wearing gloves. It is common that chemicals in detergents are very strong and can damage your hands and nails; they will weaken your nails and dry your hands.