Reem & Natalya Kanj, Image Architects

Fashion and travel as never seen before
By Hanane Tabet
25 Oct,2018

From London to Dubai, via Beirut, the two sisters accompany the talents in the digital jungle while devoting time to their fashion and travel blog. Itinerary from Reem and Natalya Kanj.

Cool and hard-working, that's how we would define the Kanj sisters. In 2009, they launched their blog Five Five Fabulous, dedicated to fashion and travel. The success is so fast that this hobby has become a full time job. But in 2016, they took a new professional turn, and launched their very own digital agency Ego & East. "We work in an industry that highlights the ego, and we decided to launch the agency in the Middle East, hence 'East' in the chosen name." Indeed, the two young women understood very quickly the importance of digital platforms, and they also realized that it's essential to accompany the influencers in the management of their career as well as the marks in the management of their digital strategy.


Your typical week?
The pace varies, but we work almost every day except on Saturdays. The work is done from home or the office, we attend meetings, we answer many emails. And to maintain a healthy balance, we attend Hot Yoga or Pilates classes, and we spend time with family and friends, away from the screens of the phones and the computer.

Your favorite spots?
In London: NAC Mayfair, Dishoom and Monocle. In Dubai: Frame, Akiba Dori and Flamingo Room by Tasha's. In Beirut: Kalei, Sip and Meat the Fish. We are real coffee addicts!

Your must-haves this season?
Adorned shoes, leopard print and the neon trend.

Your style?
Very casual and simple, we could spend our lives in jeans and t-shirts, but we dress smart when it comes to work meetings, and we love to dress up there when it comes to an important event or a special occasion.

Advice to give to young entrepreneurs ?
Work hard, create a good network both personal and professional, make a plan and do not stop before reaching your goals.

* Full interview available in our October 2018 issue