DIY Face Mask without Sewing Machine

Easy safe craft to do at home with kids
By Hala Fayad
22 Apr,2020

While we’re constantly wearing face masks, gloves, or even shields to protect ourselves from coronavirus pandemic, we find ourselves throwing those precaution-wear away after each use. To protect yourself from coronavirus in an eco-friendlier sustainable way, why don’t you create your own homemade face mask?

You can easily make a face mask that can be washed after each use, and guess what? You don’t need a sewing machine to do it!



You will need:

Cotton fabric

Cotton flannel fabric

Elastic bands

Permanent fabric adhesive

Paper clips or sewing pins


How to do a face mask at home without sewing

  • Start by cutting both fabrics. If you are making a mask for kids, cut your fabric into 13 x 18 cm, but If you are making it for an adult, cut it into 15 x 23 cm.
  • Trim 2 pieces of elastic band to 15 cm in length. You can also use two hair bands.
  • Glue each end to the front of your cotton fabric at the edges using a washable adhesive for a permanent bond.
  • Squeeze a thin layer around the edges of your fabric, leaving a gap at the bottom.
  • Place your flannel piece on top and press to adhere.
  • Now, Use sewing pins or paper clips to hold your elastic and fabric together while it dries. Let it sit for about an hour.
  • From the gap we left at the bottom, remove your paper clips and gently flip inside out.
  • Close the bottom gap with fabric adhesive again.
  • Now we have to pleat the short edges. Do it by squeezing a thin strip of adhesive along the short edge of your mask. Make 3 small pleats and hold in place with paper clips.
  • When it’s dry, remove paper clips and enjoy your DIY face mask.