Why heat-not-burn products are less harmful than conventional cigarettes

By Hanane Tabet
22 Feb,2021

Originally, cigarettes were considered glamorous and trendy as many celebrities were never seen without one, and most of the world’s population was already hooked by the end of the 1950’s. However, over the decades, smoking became less socially acceptable as people became more aware of the health risks, with awareness campaigns launched worldwide, as well as governments regulations. According to the World Health Organization, every year, smoking cigarettes kills about 8 million people, and the tobacco industry needed to move ahead with a plan.


Philip Morris International, one of the world’s largest tobacco companies, invested 6 billion dollars in research and development to offer less harmful alternatives to conventional cigarettes, part of the company’s latest mission to “change society and deliver a better and smoke-free future”.


IQOS is their most advanced smoke-free device The heat not burn device, which is an alternative to smoking, heats the tobacco at a temperature of 350, compared to cigarettes that combust and burn at up to 900. Thus, it allows smokers to get the same experience without the harmful exposure to other chemicals and carcinogens commonly found in cigarettes.

Indeed IQOS offers smokers a similar experience to the one they are used to while still being the less harmful alternative. The weight, the time of use, and the way to use it are very similar to the cigarette’s experience. The only visible difference is that smokers don’t have to use a lighter. IQOS, a USB-charged device, uses an electronically controlled heater that the smoker can turn on and off when needed.  

Since IQOS heats the tobacco, it doesn’t leave behind any ashes, and this provides a better and cleaner experience. It also doesn’t stain your teeth as much as conventional cigarettes do.

The benefits offered by IQOS make it a less harmful alternative for adult smokers who do not want to stop smoking but would instead find a safer alternative. Although not risk free, not only will IQOS reduce risks on those who smoke, but it will also have less impact on people around them.


This article is brought to you by Philip Morris Lebanon.