Top reasons to date Lebanese women

The list is endless
By Helena Saadeh
08 Feb,2019

Let’s start with the looks

Not only Lebanese women are gorgeous, they are also blessed with a great sense of fashion and style! They always know how to make an entrance and own the night. They have an outfit for every occasion and this is why Lebanese designers are rapidly going international. Even if on some days Lebanese bellas decided to go natural or without any makeup, they still manage to look terrific and steal the hearts of the boys they see.

Beauty but also brain

Looks are a plus, we agree, but Lebanese women are smart and resilient. In every aspect of life our women tend to think, overthink, find solutions and choose the perfect action at the perfect time. We are also witnessing the rise of Lebanese female entrepreneurs and CEOs, ministers and deputies, and even independent women fighting daily struggles with intelligence and perseverance.

Love of Life

We have been through wars, fights, bombing, and yet we are known for our endless love for life. Lebanese women know how to party, laugh, love, and live. They never say no to adventures and they are always curious to know more.

They are the best cooks

You’ve got all that AND a supreme taste in food with an exclusive cuisine to choose from. Yes, after their work, hobbies, and daily tasks, Lebanese women know how to cook delicious food, starting from the snacks to the desserts, you can never have enough.

You got yourself a new family

You’re dating a Lebanese girl? Wrong, you’re dating an entire culture. Lebanese families are known for their strong bonds. Therefore, you’re going to find yourself surrounded by a new loving family that will treat you like one of them, as long as you treat their girl right and with respect!