Abir Sabry: Kissing in Movies is Wrong!

Although she had some previous kissing scenes
By Hala Fayad
07 May,2020

The Egyptian actress Abir Sabry was the guest of Enas Al-Deghaidi, yesterday, who hosts "Sheikh Al-Harah Wa Al Jariaa" TV show, broadcast on the "Al Kahira Wal Nas" channel.

During the interview, Egyptian actress made some controversial statements about kissing in movies and taking off the Hijab. When Inas asked her the question: "Abir Sabri believes that kissing is wrong in movies, but taking off the Hijab is not, agree or not?"

Abir responded: "I am convinced that the kissing is wrong in movies, before, during and after the Hijab." However, in her previous movie roles, Abir had some kissing scenes with Hassan Al-Asmar and Fathi Abdel-Wahab, but she confirmed that it was the director’s instructions.

"If the director offered me for a role that includes kissing scene now, I would reject it completely, because it is wrong, besides, I am a married woman."

After Inas asked her about what has changed in her, Abir replied: "I made this decision after realizing that kissing is not right thing to do, and I did that before I got married ... a person’s convictions change throughout the experiences he goes through."

The concept of ​​the new season of this TV show is based revealing the deepest secrets of the stars, by confronting them with awkward questions, and bringing their past issues back to discuss them again.