Gigi takes us on a tour inside her baby’s cozy nursery

By Christina Jaber
08 Dec,2020

Back in September, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik became parents, and since that time, our radars are on for baby Zigi. Although the couple rarely shares pictures of their little angel, however, Gigi always surprises her fans with glimpses about her daughter.

The new mom took Instagram stories and began a throwback tour of herself in her daughter’s nursery.

She started off with a picture of her one day before labor as she captioned it, when she appeared in an all-black button-up maternity jumpsuit. Through her Instagram stories, Gigi explained that a week before she went into labor, she spent time in her daughter’s nursery decorating, which has helped her feel even more prepared.

The 25-year-old model had decorated the cinnamon-colored walls with white bird cutouts, as another wall featured cute stuffed bunnies and drawings on a shelf overlooking the wood-frame sofa, which was covered with relaxing pillows.

Keep scrolling for a tour inside baby Zigi’s cutest nursery.