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Surprising Traits Men find Attractive in Women

Do they describe you?
By Vanessa Haber
21 May,2020

While beauty traits depend on each one’s perspective, scientists were able to define some traits that attract men the most. So, if you’re wondering which traits are more likely to attract the opposite sex, you might be surprised that it’s not only about beautiful face and skinny figure.


Which traits in women attract men the most?


The Hour Glass Figure

Skinny is not sexy for men, but big hips and small waist is! It is actually the hour glass figure that attracts men the most, because women with this body type look healthier and more fertile.


The Smile

No one likes a grumpy face, always wear your smile whenever you go, because it will naturally make you more attractive and open to others. Also, you might catch a man’s heart with your beautiful smile. Men look at women’s teeth as well. However, it doesn’t mean that you need to have a Hollywood smile, just avoid bad breath and yellowish teeth.


Medium-thin lips

Women might be waiting in line to get their lips plump and thick, but men are interested more in “Kissable Lips”, which means the medium to thin lips. Also, red lipstick might boost your attractiveness as a study found that men can stare at women’s red lips for 7 seconds.


Well-Shaped Eyebrows

Your eyebrows shape can define your attractiveness, because if they’re well-shaped, you will look naturally gorgeous. It was found that people notice eyebrows more often than eyes.


Good Posture

Your posture can indirectly reflect your personality; a bad or poor posture is usually linked to confidence, shyness problems, however, a nice straight posture mean that you are attractive, confident and open.


Symmetrical Face

When your face is symmetrical, you will look more attractive to the opposite sex. Experts say that our brains visually process symmetrical faces faster than a less symmetrical one.


Even if these traits don’t match your looks, however, it doesn’t mean that you are not attractive, because each one of us has something that makes her special and different from the others, and that’s what beauty is about. Remember, to pay attention to your health and dress nicely, then you’ll grab everyone’s attention no matter what.