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The Best Fragrances to Wear this Summer

Express yourself through these perfumes
By Hala Fayyad
08 Jul,2020


Do you prefer oud, musk or refreshing jasmine fragrance? For this summer we selected some of the latest perfumes for women to make a scent statement during beach season, while reflecting your personality. Keep on reading to choose the best scent for you.


Christian Dior Oud Rosewood

Led by a woody duo of Oud and Sandalwood, the latest Maison Christian Dior fragrance, created by François Demachy, immediately releases a richness nourished by striking contrasts. Its woody potency blends with desert-dry notes, enveloped by a milky softness. Its strength is expressed through animal notes soothed by the presence of barely-there sweet delicacies.


“The powerful and contrasting woods in Oud Rosewood give it a strong, instantly evocative signature. It belongs to a perfume family that provides strong sensations. It is deeply sensual, and both soft and powerful, with a scent as generous as it is mysterious,” François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator.


Oud Rosewood… The very name sounds like an enveloping piece of music, like the echo of a voice as haunting as a few bass notes escaping from a cello. It captivates and captures with the potent sensation of apowerfully oriental fragrance that is extremely moving.


Rosewood oud




Guerlain Muguet

Guerlain has released a delightful limited edition of its celebrated Muguet, lily of the valley fragrance. Thierry Wasser created his own version of Muguet perfume from Guerlain in 2016, whose composition has bloomed every year since.

For 2020, Guerlain has worked with the Maison Massillon design atelier to create the very latest emblematic Muguet Bee bottle. To highlight the beautiful story behind Guerlain’s Muguet fragrance, for 2020 the designers have created a distinctive tailor-made floral accessory for the Bee Bottle. A celebration of spring, the piece features 24-carat gold thread sown with an array of exquisite pure white flowers and stamens.

Set cascading over the dome of the Bee bottle, this delicate piece gives the Muguet fragrance all the poetic, refined beauty of a decorative ornament.

Featuring soft green wax and delicate white biscuit porcelain jar made to reflect this edition’s pure white design. There’s no better gift to give or to keep, either in celebration of spring’s brighter days, or as a way to welcome some good luck.






NARCISO Eau de Parfum Ambrée

In the new fragrance, the original amber note is magnified in Narciso, blending a uniquely potent vanilla into an absolutely rich texture. Their warm facets wrap the composition in a golden veil, letting the amber accord shine through, amplifying Narciso Rodriguez’s sultry signature musk.

Exotic tiaré flower and ylang-ylang from Madagascar – a luminous, yet deep and captivating floral note –add their warm glow. A touch of salt alludes to the scent of sunlit skin. Sleek, smooth cedar reflects the elegant woody signature of the NARCISO range.


The result is an intoxicating, light-infused fragrance that seduces magically and mysteriously.

Purely seductive, NARCISO eau de parfum ambrée is presented in the iconic NARCISO bottle, a sleek glass cube, the bottle’s distinctive color is suffused with the brilliant light of the sun. The rich amber glow from within alludes to a woman’s innate sensuality and reflects the luminosity of her skin.



Carolina Herrera Good Girl Suprême

CAROLINA HERRERA presents a new composition, again in the iconic stiletto flacon, now covered with golden shimmer. The new fragrance keeps the original modern style, giving the composition a seductive twist with tuberose, tonka beans and vetiver.

As stated by the brand, "the intensely seductive Good Girl Eau de Parfum Suprême reinvents the iconic Good Girl fragrance with a daring new formula. Redefining the emblematic contrast of lights and shadows, it encourages us to connect with our rebellious side."


In the words of Carolina A. Herrera, “It’s so good to be bad!”


The juices of delicate berries are combined with Egyptian jasmine flowers, while the intoxicating tuberose creates an addictive character, together with the roasted tonka beans in the heart of the fragrance. The creaminess of the tonka beans offers a modern twist in the base when blended with vetiver aromas.





Kenzo World Power Eau de Toilette

For this summer, Kenzo launched Kenzo World Power Eau de Toilette, a new version of Kenzo World Power from 2019, created as a fragrance of imparity and freedom. This line was launched with the Kenzo World perfume in 2016.

The new Kenzo World Power Eau de Toilette carries the message "your story, your power," described as an intimate but powerful scent and as a salty-floral composition of a "second skin." Aromatic immortelle flower mixes with salty and powdery accords and a sweet and addictive note of tonka beans.