Toni Makhoul presents Le Grand Spectacle at The Romanian Opera

A message of love to the whole world
By Mariam El Bacha
10 Mar,2020

Following the huge success of his latest album “New Dawn”,the multi-talented music compose and producer, Toni Makhoul, will launch his big show “Le Grand Spectacle”, on March 30, 2020 in a one and only performance at the famous majestic venue “The Romanian National Opera – Bucharest” which is a famed and valuable cultural and artistic site in the Romanian Capital. This is in collaboration with “Philharmonic Mirea” and “Zuralia Orchestra”.

Commenting on his incoming show at The Romanian National Opera, Toni Makhoul said:“Le Grand Spectacle will be proudly performed on the stage of The Romanian National Opera diffusing the most beautiful artistic melodies and images and I am sure that the audiences and especially the Romanians, who are of the kind eager for culture and beauty, will leave the show with much richer souls and minds and with unforgettable memories”.