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Your Sex and Love Horoscope for the Weekend

Find out what’s in store for you
By هلا فيّاض
22 May,2020

How will planets affect your love life by the end of the week? Will you spend the next days full of romance with your beloved one, or will conflictsrise between you two? Here's what to expect this weekend according to your horoscope.



Romantic struggles begin to appear in the weekend with delays that seem unfair and perhaps misleading. Take the time to process your feelings and avoid getting in trouble!



You may have to delay a date that you were waiting for impatiently. Things might not look good this weekend. However, don’t let this prevent you from moving forward in other areas of your life.



It is an ideal time to fix things that weren't good in your love life before. Listen to your heart and follow your intuition, as it will show youthe mistakes you made earlier, in order to begin the change process.



This weekend will be a good opportunity to talk, write, sing, or draw a painting that expresses your inner self and your feelings, such as writing a love letter to your beloved one. You can list all the negative things you want to drop and decide which way you want to go.



Slow down. The stars advise youto check that what you want and what you need are the same. Focusing on one part of your life may hold you back later, so instead of focusing on the future, some of the current issues in your love life need to be fixed first.



Beware of words that you say or text. Think twice before saying a word that can hurt your partner's feelings. Do not rush to say something that may not actually be true.



Unleash your inner feelings and let out any negative emotions. An ex lover or someone you love but lost contact with may call you again. Take the time to say the things you wished you would have said earlier, and share your thoughts.



The great change in your emotional life may start with a simple conversation. When you open your heart to yourloved one, never let the flaws affect your chance to fall in love again. You may be asked to do something that makes you reveal a secret or a flaw, but there is no harm in getting healed by the support of someone close to your heart.



Good fortune follows a loss. If a relationship didn’t work out eventually, do not take it personally or believe that your emotional life is doomed to failure. Optimism is necessary to move forward and hope for a better future. A special thing may happen in your personal love life. Do not give up!



Your confidence is high and you can get anything you want from your partner. However, this brings a major shift in the general atmosphere of your life. Your daily responsibilities are your primary focus in the upcoming weeks so take advantage of the weekend as much as possible!



Drama enters your emotional life and you feel that tension going on with your partner, which makes it hard to communicate with him without argument. Thus, it would leave you and your loved one in a weird state of confusion.



Not all dreams will come true, but this does not mean that you cannot imagine the future with a new partner or a special someone. Although some aspects of your relationship with your beloved are not perfect now, but they may be, thanks to your endeavors, love and time.