5 Virgo Women Who Run The World

Christina Jaber


5 Virgo Women Who Run The World

It’s Virgo season and Virgo celebrities are the proof that this zodiac sign is among the best.

Ambitious, unstoppable and bold, three characters that best describe a Virgo woman. From Beyoncé, to Zendaya on to Blake Lively and more, we can all tell they are the ultimate combination of brain and beauty.

Ruled by planed mercury, this Zodiac sign (Aug 23- Sept 22) is the most detail-oriented, perfectionist, realistic and definitely workaholic, with a special skill: Communication. Go ahead and meet the 5 Virgo female celebrities who “run the world”; get to know more about Virgo traits through their lives, and get inspired by one of their empowering quotes.



Birthday: September 4, 1981

American singer and songwriter Beyoncé, whose net-worth said to be 400 million dollars is the number one Virgo woman on our list. She has extreme attention to details, she’s fierce and bold and she has a big caring heart. J-Z’s wife is an unstoppable woman who seeks success and never gives up. Together with her husband, they starred in the latest Tiffany & Co. campaign celebrating love.

Of her famous empowering quotes:

“Your self-worth is determined by you. You don’t have to depend on someone telling you who you are.”





Birthday: September 1, 1996

The young American actress, singer and activist is a dedicated woman and that’s definitely a Virgo character. Along the road to her success, and with her efforts, her hard work and her strong eye to details at a very young age, Zendaya is now worth of 15 million dollars. Her extraordinary performance in Euphoria, HBO’s series, earned her a well-deserved Emmy award. The young woman is also Lancôme’s youngest ambassador, and Françoise Lehmann, global brand president of Lancôme, explained why Zendaya was chosen to represent the French brand by saying: “She perfectly epitomizes a generation.”

Her most famous empowering quote: “I think women are very powerful and I think we're more powerful together than separated.”




Blake Lively

Birthday: 25 August, 1987

American actress Blake Lively is the Virgo girl next door, always looking effortlessly amazing. The Gossip Girl star earned a net worth 30 million dollars during her acting career and is known for her amazing and inspiring sense of style, her perfectionism and her sense of humor. We love how she constantly trolls her husband Ryan Reynolds!

Of her famous empowering quotes: “The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.”




Salma Hayek

Birthday: September 2, 1966

Iconic Mexican-American film actress of Lebanese origins, Salma Hayek has the most caring soul a Virgo woman can ever have.

She is known for her philanthropy along with her acting, taking that Virgo maternal spirit and using it to advocate for women’s rights. The actress whose net worth is 200 million dollars starred in The Hitman’s bodyguard, Bliss and more, and will be starring as an immortal named Ajak alongside stars like Angelina Jolie in the upcoming Marvel film “Eternals”.

Of her famous empowering quotes: “What is important is to believe in something so strongly that you're never discouraged.”




Nicole Richie

Birthday: September 21, 1981

The life and journey of American TV personality, fashion designer and actress Nicole Richie are inspirational to many women. The adopted daughter of award-winning singer-songwriter, Lionel Richie, turned her life around, from being a socialite and a party animal, to a hard-working and successful fashion designer and entrepreneur (her brand House of Harlow 1960  is a success) whose net worth is 25 million dollars.

Of her famous empowering quotes: “It is important not to copy other people's careers but set the tone of who you want to be.”