This Campaign Lets Women Speak Out

Find out its real meaning.


This Campaign Lets Women Speak Out

It took one single hashtag to let women all over the world stand up for each other. #MeToo is what millions of women wrote on social media to tell the story of their sexual abuse. This trend was created to let women know they are not alone, and it’s being used more and more these past few weeks in the wake of the allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

Actress Alyssa Milano took to Twitter on Sunday to encourage girls who were victims of sexual harassment or assault to talk about it using the hashtag #MeToo in their status. It has gone so viral that other celebrities started using the phrase, such as Lady Gaga and Ellen DeGeneres.

However, this trend isn’t new at all. Activist Laura Bates started a campaign in 2012 called #EverydaySexism in order to let women share their sexism, sexual harassment and assault stories.