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The ultimate mark of elegance: Pearls

Dive in a world of sophistication and style

Helena Saadeh


The ultimate mark of elegance: Pearls
  • Headbands

Blair Waldorf wore it best, with a pearl headband and a classy attitude you’ll be the talk of the town in no time. Make sure your hairstyle suits the design of the headband and dress accordingly. Never forget to keep your chin up and to wear your pearl crown. Xoxo, Gossip Girl. 

  • Earrings

Leave the typical pearl earrings for boring nights, we have a new idea to spice up your outfit. Dangling earrings are the latest trend these days and it takes a fashion icon to match these perfect earrings with perfect outfits. Remember the rule: always be the exception.

  • Bracelet

As shiny as your skin, it’s always a fancy idea to wear a pearl bracelet. It can transform your attire into a fancy one in no time. the trick is to know which style looks good on you: you like big wide bracelets or simple little ones? Always make sure your bracelets match your style.

  • Necklace

The queen of pearl necklaces was Lady D – the queen of our hearts too. They give you such a royal impression that it boosts your class in an unconscious way. Angelina Jolie had her shot and succeeded in wearing pearl necklaces. The secret is to always make the necklace fill the empty part in your outfit. If your outfit is low neck then you wear tight necklace. If your shirt reaches your neck it would be better if you wore a loose necklace.