Tips to help you organize your day

the secret lies within the details

Helena Saadeh


Tips to help you organize your day
  • A small agenda to keep track of everything

Upcoming events, to-do list, reminders, phone numbers, everything! You can find a lot of apps on your phone but nothing beats writing things down in your own font. Make sure the agenda is for a whole year and that it includes many features. You’d be surprised by how helpful it will be.

  • Declutter your wallet

Cards that expired, papers and bills from old dates, your wallet needs to breath! Make sure you do this every week or two, just take out the unnecessary load in the wallet and keep checking your balance. This way, you’ll stop wasting time searching for a card and you’ll stay in track of your financial activities.

  • Choose your outfit the night before

Let’s not fool ourselves here, how many hours have we wasted trying endless outfits to go back to the first one we picked? The amount of time wasted on choosing outfits is huge and we can reduce it by choosing and settling on an outfit the night before.

  • Choose a spot for every item

Make sure you follow the rules too! For instance, keep your keys and phone on one specific table, the charger on another, and so on… this way everything will become automatically placed where it should be and you’ll stop wasting time searching for items that could be found in seconds.

  • Do the 21-day habit rule

As simple as it sounds. Studies have shown that in 21 days you can make or break habit. It’s up to you to choose, but we advise you to make things easier on you and go healthy.

  • Sticky notes

They are small and they are sticky, you can find them and hang them everywhere. Perks of having them? they’ll stay in front of your face until you achieve the written action.