Shirts X Skirts

For a whole other level of style

Helena Saadeh


Shirts X Skirts
  • Formal meetings

You can never have a first impression twice, right? Spécial Madame Figaro got you covered for all your important meetings. Dress code is important when you want to address employers for the first time therefore black is a safe color. Draw a contrast in colors with a dash of white or pastel pink.

  • Parties

Party Rock is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time! Shake your body and let the skirt’s ornaments shake with you. Dance the night away in a comfy yet extremely fashionable look. If you’re planning on wearing a tight skirt, match it with a loose shirt to balance.

  • Casual hangouts

Gossip, coffee, and rain skirts! Always make sure you’re the stylish friend who comes very well dressed to all the hangouts. Slip the shirt under the skirt and own the day.

  • First date

Show your feminine side since day one. Make sure the skirt you chose for your first day matched your character so you’d feel comfortable during the date. The way you dress is a reflection and reflects your character too.

  • Holidays

It’s your time to shine! This is the occasion where you can go extravaganza in your outfits, so make sure you grab the chance will it’s here. There are many ways to be exceptional here: you can wear the skirt over a bodysuit, you can wear it with a crop top, or you can match it with your blazer/jacket/shirt.