Best Face Looks from PFW 2019

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Helena Saadeh


Best Face Looks from PFW 2019

Alexis Mabille

working with real blooming flowers, hairstylist Beppe D'Elia created models for the head accessories with a crown of shading. Sensitive yet energetic, the look was done with a scope on neon pink over the eyelids by cosmetics icon Lloyd Simmonds.


Very minimalist, yet very eccentric. Dior not only spent hours on every detail of the outfit, from head to toe, but the fashion house took care of every detail from the runway to the makeup.


In a very royal and elegant look, Givenchy gave a new definition for tiaras and headbands.  This soft makeup accompanied with light pearls make any model radiate elegance and class.

Georges Chakra

The best of the 80’s is now back. With the most epic look ever, Chakra pulled a classic party look from the good old days. Wild hair, neon eyeshadow and most importantly flashing blush. Remember that next time you go party.


Bold and fierce, the burgundy lipstick made a statement during the Azzaro runway. The look, glossy and natural, was accessorized by a veil that brings balance between the lips and the soft eyes.