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Polo Ralph Lauren: 5 looks that set the trends

Spring Summer 2019

Helena Saadeh


Polo Ralph Lauren: 5 looks that set the trends

Pastel Colors

Pastel colors have always been a sign of elegance, especially when combined with a blazer and a trouser. This look has no limits, it can fit between your formal meetings and casual outings. The rule is simple, when you wear pastel do not overdress or overdo it.

Dye Tops

It seems that this one is a major trend for the following season since you can see it everywhere. But why stay like the rest? Spice up your style with a Polo logo and a different kind of denim, white possibly and you’re all set.

Army Jumpsuit

This too seems to be the statement of the year. Jumpsuits are everywhere but not just any jumpsuits, those army colors outfit spread such empowering vibes that every woman must have them in her closet.

Colorful Pants

We always tend to match vibrant tops with boring simple pants. How about we switch roles this time? try to wear a simple top and match it with a very vibrant and eccentric pant. These little switches and matches make all the difference when you talk fashion.

Many Stripes

It looks like stripes are this season’s choice of casual. They give a formal look but also maintain a casual lowkey status. Stripped blazers or stripped jeans, or maybe both, should also draw their way to your closet this season if you want to keep up your fashion game.