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Beauty tips inspired by the Oscars

Your time to shine too

Helena Saadeh


Beauty tips inspired by the Oscars
Ashley Graham With such a bold and fierce look, Ashley Graham stole the looks at the 2019 Oscars. Her secret? A perfectly winged and very dark eyeliner. Add to that a dash of colorful eyeshadow and let the spark of your eyes do the rest. For a matching hairstyle, a sleek hair bun would be perfect. Spray a bit of anti-frizz product on your brush and comb your way through the bun to prevent baby hair. Charlize Theron In a completely new look, Charlize dyed her hair to a darker shade and contrasted the color with a bold red lipstick that sealed the deal. It is always good to remember that when you go strong on the lips, you should keep it simple on the eyes. Jennifer Lopez Glamour at its finest, Jlo always manages to pull the best and boldest looks. With silvers and shimmers, earthly colors would be the best match. Go nude for the lips and a little bit dark for the eyes. Emilia Clarke For a more girly and fresh look, you can take inspirations from Emilia Clarke. Very rosy cheeks and light eye makeup, the star’s final touch was the strong pink and glossy lipstick which added value to the whole look. A tip: solid and perfectly shaped eyebrows would make the look ten times better.