Why do we feel hungry when we eat Fast Food?

Quality over quantity

Helena Saadeh


Why do we feel hungry when we eat Fast Food?

Studies show that satiety is not related to the amount of calories we consume, but to the amount of essential nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats and the physical size of food.

In spite of eating large amounts of junk foods, these foods move through our bodies and are quickly digested, meaning that the feeling of fullness fades soon after eating, the US newspaper The Washington Post reported.

Protein and dietary fiber are necessary to slow down digestion and release energy over a long period of time. Vitamins and minerals can also affect the feeling of satiety. If your body does not receive the nutrients it needs, it may continue to send out hunger signals to induce you to eat foods.

For example, for 100 calories, you can eat 15 cups of spinach, or two pieces of stuffed biscuits. While the spinach fills our stomach with more food, as well as fiber, iron and vital nutrients, biscuit pieces provide an intense level of carbohydrates that give Flows do not last out of energy, according to the newspaper report.