Tips to wake up earlier

Lead a healthier life

Helena Saadeh


Tips to wake up earlier

Place the alarm clock away from your fingertips

What happens if you wake up as soon as you hear the alarm sound is that over time you will be able to set your internal biological watch to be in sync with that time. This will make you more alert in the morning without much effort, and perhaps with time you can wake up without the need for the alarm clock from the ground.

Wake up one minute early

If you wake up at 8 am and want to wake up at seven in the morning, you should start the next day by waking up one minute earlierThen the next day only two minutes and so on.

It will be so easy, you will not even be able to feel it, it will take a long time to reach your goal, but spending a few months to build this habit is better than not building it at all.

Exposure to light

As soon as you wake up open the blinds or take a step out, natural light will alert your mind and adjust your biological watch. If the room you sleep in is dim and has no outlet for natural light, you must turn on lights and lights. If you have a brain haze, emotional disturbance, or seasonal depression, get exposed to a solar lamp, it helps you experience intense light, improve your mood, and feel more awake.

Create habits you love in the morning

To reduce your desire to stay under the covers, you can plan some morning habits that you like and that help you enter into your morning routine, these habits will give you the incentive to wake up and start the day. These habits can be reading your favorite website or newspaper with a delicious breakfast, or starting a day strolling through a landscaped garden. Choose the activity that suits your dog, bring you happiness, help you brainstorm, and make you feel drowsy. When something is important enough for us, our bodies will wake us up naturally, so you have to create this thing and get it into your morning routine; because when your alarm clock is the only thing that is related to waking up early, the warm bed is more convincing .