4 reasons why we love Beirut

I mean, who doesn't?

Helena Saadeh


4 reasons why we love Beirut

The Diversity

With around 18 religions, Lebanon is known for its diversity and where can diversity manifest more than in Beirut, the capital? It is the big apple of Lebanon, it is the city that combines all political and religious aspects while coexisting with each other.

The Generosity

We are sure you are already familiar with the Lebanese generosity, right? You are bound to gain a lot of weight though because you can never be full around Lebanese: cooking is for them a way to show affection and welcomeness.

The Weather

There is no better weather, if you want to feel the four seasons, than the Mediterranean coast! Enjoy a getaway to a Lebanese beach and its good vibes or relax in the mountains with a breeze of fresh clean air.

The Food

Lebanese cuisine is one of the best around the world and that is something you cannot debate! Whether it’s Tabbouleh, Machewe, Hoummos or even our Knefe and sweets, you can never get enough of Lebanese food.