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Kendall Jenner’s pink dress is our new favorite

And a sneak peak on her love life

Helena Saadeh


Kendall Jenner’s pink dress is our new favorite

Kendall Jenner is today in Sydney as she attended the opening for Tiffany & Co.'s flagship store in the Australian city. Jenner dressed in one of her wildest dresses this year: a short, oversized bubble gum pink number with tiered sleeves and a feathered neckline by Ingie Paris. She paired it with a silver necklace—with what appears to be a pink butterfly pendant—and white heels. It's a lot of look to take in.

Jenner discussed how she can easily lose interest in a relationship. "I know when I’m off it, and I get off it really easy," she told her guest and friend Hailey Baldwin, via Entertainment Tonight. "But it’s not just for no reason. Someone has to do something to make me off it. I think that especially because of the lifestyle that I live everything is so magnified and everyone wants to know things, especially about your love life. A lot of the relationships that I’m in, I’m in it, and I’m in it with that one person and I’m a very loyal person once I’m fully in it.” Jenner, by the way, has been quietly dating NBA player Ben Simmons since the fall.