For a long life, just laugh!

It’s also the best makeup you could wear

Helena Saadeh


For a long life, just laugh!

The results of a study conducted by the physicians of the Institute of physical psychiatry showed that laughter for 30 minutes a day can improve indicators of the work of your body’s organs.

According to the results of the study conducted by doctors, the laughter for 30 minutes a day has a positive and healthy effect in the body. For example, regular laughter helps to improve the quality of sleep, protects against stress and regulates heart, liver and lung functions.

"The vibrations caused by laughter stimulate blood circulation and internal organs, which protect them from stagnation. Laughter is very important especially for those who are 40 years of age, in this age is enhanced immunity of the body and this is very important for the prevention of cancer’’.

The researchers add that when laughing, the heartbeat decreases, the arteries expand, the interferon-gamma activates, and increases the secretion of antibodies (immune globulin). This is also accompanied by an increase in neurotransmitters called happiness hormones. All this allows the person to get rid of stress and reduce the level of stress hormones.

As a result, the daily accumulation of laughter in the body eventually helps to prolong life.