Nadine Labaki’s movie 1982 out in September

100% sure we’ll love it

Helena Saadeh


Nadine Labaki’s movie 1982 out in September
Where? in Lebanon’s mountain-side, Time? 1982. The movie explores the story of a young boy Wissam who falls in love with his classmate Joanna. But before he could confess his feelings, Beirut is hit by airstrikes and nothing is the same any longer. The feature is directed by first-time filmmaker Oualid Mouaness. Labaki will be seen playing the role of a distressed schoolteacher Yasmeen who is caught in the middle of the 1982 Siege of Beirut. The Lebanese film was selected to be showcased at the Toronto International Film Festival, which will take place from September 5 to September 15 in Canada.