Joelle Mardinian: Success is my happiness and Nathan Saved me

Hanane Tabet


Joelle Mardinian: Success is my happiness and Nathan Saved me

Ranked by Forbes Middle East magazine as one of the "Top 10 Most Powerful Influencers in the World of Beauty", more than 9 million followers on Instagram, a beauty empire, an iconic TV show, three children, one of which she has just adopted ... Joelle Mardinian is always on the top of her game.

We met her on a cold rainy day in Beirut, and with the professional kindness only real stars can show, she is ready to talk about her beginnings, her empire, her ambassadorial roles, her projects and her family that just welcomed another member. After making her rather difficult debuts in London as a professional makeup artist, Joelle managed to make her way in the world of television with her hit relooking show The Joelle Show, before using her reputation and her professional credibility, as well as her large number of followers on social media, to build an empire of beauty with her beauty institutes Maison de Joelle, her beauty brand Joelle Paris and her beauty clinics Clinica Joelle. She has also collaborated with several major brands including Evian, Max Factor, Gillette, Dyson and Huawei. When she tells us about her beginnings and her fight to achieve success, she becomes meditative and admits "I had to reinvent myself several times".

SPÉCIAL MADAME FIGARO. - What is the secret of your success?

JOELLE MARDINIAN. - My passion for what I do and my perfectionism. If I take the example of my television show, I always made sure each candidate is relooked according to her morphology and personality, not according to her age or fashion trends. Hence my credibility that allowed me to expand my activities towards the launch of my institutes, my brand of beauty products and my clinics. And besides, I always insist on the best, whether in terms of work, team or products. I am uncompromising on this point, a job well done is the secret of any success.

Will you be opening your beauty clinic or institute in Lebanon?

My dream is to inaugurate my clinic and my institute in Lebanon, it would be a real homecoming for me. If I have not done it yet, it is because I am always looking for an investor who would like to start this partnership with me, and I believe a lot in this project. I know that there is a huge potential from Lebanese or Arab women in the region who love to come and take care of their appearance in Lebanon.


How do you explain your phenomenal success on social networks?

I worked so hard! Every photo, every caption, every video is only true and positive. I refuse to post anything negative that would drive my followers to have pity on me, even if I'm exhausted or bedridden, or one of my children is sick. My audience does not have to go through the hard times that I go through like any other person. I personally manage my accounts on social networks, I answer personally to comments and questions, I only post what will have positive effect on my followers, and I share with them my daily life, so they get to know my work, my family, my moments of fun with my friends, my discoveries ... I like to inspire rather than complain.

What makes you happy?

First my family, I have a wonderful husband who supports me unconditionally, two children Bailey and Ella whom I love so much, and I just adopted my little Nathan, I will even say that he saved me. Nathan saved me from myself. Then what makes me happy too is success; I never aimed to be a star, what has always counted for me is success.


Your message to Arab women?

Wherever I go in the Arab region, I am proud to see the great number of women who succeed in all areas. Their passion inspires me. I would like to be their voice and tell them that I sacrificed a lot and struggled to be where I am today, that things were not easily offered, that I paid a heavy price for success, and especially that we all have this ability to succeed in all things. We can be beautiful and succeed in both our professional and personal life.