A Routine to keep your kids busy all day

No sitting-doing-nothing is allowed

Hala Fayad


A Routine to keep your kids busy all day

After school closures due to the coronavirus, hundreds of kids are at home now, which has risen another crisis for the parents: What will the kids do all day?
The answer is in setting up a home routine. It will keep your kids busy all day long and will let you get your things done peacefully.
Take a pen and let’s schedule a home routine for your kids.


Study Time
Just like school, you need to schedule a routine that includes studying and having little breaks where you can offer some little snacks for your kids before lunch. Let your kids do their homeworks without any distractions.


Play Time
After studying and having lunch, it’s play time! No tablets or phones allowed just make your kids enhance their creativity and imagination by playing with their toys, drawing or painting, building with Lego or solving a puzzle board. This is very important, as kids are doing some serious learning when imagining, building or inventing.


Reading Time
Take advantage of the time your kids are spending at home to increase the habit of reading during their daily routine. Make reading a fun thing to do, make it interesting and your kids will actually spend more time reading before they know it.


Screen Time
There’s no harm in watching some TV or playing video games, just let it be limited. That means your kids have to stick to the schedule, when screen time ends, they must hand over their devices.


Sleep Time
Staying up for late hours won’t be healthy for your children, even if they don’t have to get up early in the morning anymore. Thus, set a sleeping time within the schedule and prepare your kids to go to bed.