Best 3 sex positions to get pregnant

To increase your chances of having a baby

Vanessa Haber


Best 3 sex positions to get pregnant

For all newly-wed couples or those having difficulty getting pregnant, the following sex positions may help in fertilization. While no scientific study has shown that sex position may lead to pregnancy, however, the concept of gravity might help you. Thus, there may be a few positions that increase the likelihood of sperm meeting the egg.

Missionary position
One of the most effective sex positions for getting pregnant is the missionary, in which the woman lies down and the man on top. Thanks to gravity, this position allows the sperm to flow easily into your vaginal opening and toward your cervix.

Doggy position
It is an effective position to conceive a baby as well. Though its funny name, where the woman crouches on her four legs, and the man is behind her, This position opens the cervix more than other positions, which increase the chance of the sperm meeting the egg.

Side position
It is similar to the first position, but from the side. The couple has to sleep side-by-side facing each other. This position ensures deep penetration. It is recommended that women lie on their back afterwards, which may help the sperm quickly reach the cervix.