Aseel Omran Speaks Out about her Divorce and her Son’s Death

For the First time she opens up about her tragic memories

Vanessa Haber


Aseel Omran Speaks Out about her Divorce and her Son’s Death

Saudi Singer Aseel Omran spoke for the first time on tv about her son’s death and how it affected her marriage from Khaled Al Chaaer, on “Dubai Cruise” program on Dubai TV hosted by Maysaa Maghrebi.

Aseel stated during the show that her son’s death didn’t affect her marriage in a negative way, but caused a wound that would never go away. Although Aseel didn’t reveal the reason behind her son’s death, however, her ex-husband talked about it in a previous statement confirming that the fetus strangled himself while he was in his mother’s womb, which led to brain and heart failure.


Despite all painful memories, Aseel was brave enough to move forward and she feels proud of the way she faced this tragic memory, with a psychiatrist’s consultation to help her heal.

As of her divorce from Khaled El Chaaer, Aseel said that she had forgotten all the details of their marriage because it doesn’t concern her anymore, but she wished her ex a happy life with his new marriage.

Also, the Saudi artist confirmed that she is afraid of love and she’s not ready for it at the moment, because she’s happy like that. She’s afraid that her next love might take her happiness away.