Face Masks are the Most Searched Fashion Item in 2020

Off-White is the hottest brand right now!

Alexandra Belooussova / Madame Figaro


Face Masks are the Most Searched Fashion Item in 2020

Off-white’s facemask with white arrows came in first place in Lyst’s report, the fashion research platform, which published its index of the most searched brands in the first quarter of 2020.


Can the mask become a fashion accessory like any other? At a time when facemasks are tending to become widespread – it is mandatory to wear one while taking a public transport – people are interested in them more than ever.

Lyst’s index revealed that facemasks searches increased by 496% during the first quarter of 2020. However, according to the global fashion search engine, the big winner from the face masks searches list, is the mask signed Off-White, founded by American designer Virgil Abloh, one of the most desirable brands for millennials.


With a white arrow logo, this face mask designed for men was sold for $95 before it became out of stock. It is also the subject of much speculation. On resale sites, it reached three times more of its initial price. It was seen at $1,000 on Farfetch before the latter withdrew it after raising controversy on social media.

Still, the mask is reserving a place for itself in fashion. Luxury houses should rush to design their own face masks model – noting that many of them have converted some of their workshops to voluntarily make face masks for caregivers - some brands had already included them in their collection.

At the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles last January, we spotted Billie Eilish wearing a Gucci mask. On the Parisian catwalks, Marine Serre also made a statement by making her models walk the runway with masks and hoods on.