Rima Fakih Supports Wassim Slaiby’s Campaign for Lebanon’s Relief

To help the needy amid coronavirus pandemic

Vanessa Haber


Rima Fakih Supports Wassim Slaiby’s Campaign for Lebanon’s Relief

With ongoing donations to help families in need and the most affected by the global epidemic, the world might become a better place.  Music producer Wassim Slaiby launched a humanitarian initiative which raised more than $ 100,000 within two days, to help Lebanese people face the repercussions of the economic and social crisis they are going through at the moment, which have worsened due to quarantine imposed by the coronavirus.


Therefore, Wassim known as Sal called on all Lebanese residents and expatriates to join in helping the needy in Lebanon by making donations through the GoFundMe website.


The proceeds will go to the United Nations World Food Program (WFP), which will sponsor its distribution to the most affected groups through e-card system that can be used to buy food in shops across Lebanon.


On this initiative, Sal said:


“Lebanon is my motherland. I cannot remain idle while millions of Lebanese are threatened with living under poverty line. It is my national and humanitarian duty to contribute to the support of our society and our people to help them overcome the difficult conditions they are going through.”


Rima Fakih was one of the most supporters of this humanitarian campaign, as she was the first donor with $ 10,000, she commented:


"Let's keep going to make sure no one goes a day not knowing when their next meal is coming,” 


Link to Donate : https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/relief-for-lebanon