Jessy Abdo Lost Her Father in a Fire

Guess How she learned the news

Vanessa Haber


Jessy Abdo Lost Her Father in a Fire

A fire broke out in Lebanese actress Jessy Abdo’s House in Zouk Mikael after a gas explosion, which caused the death of her father, while her mother was taken to the hospital after she suffered suffocation. Lebanese civil defense officers tried to put out the fire in the house, but unfortunately, they couldn’t save Jessy Abdo's father’s life.



Meanwhile, the Lebanese actress was in Abu Dhabi filming of her new series "Baada Hin", and she didn’t learn about this tragic news until it went viral on social media. Jessy was unable to go back to Lebanon due to closure measures taken by the government to prevent coronavirus spread.

Celebrities expressed their deepest condolences to Jessy Abdo following her father’s death, including Maguy Bou Ghosn, who posted a photo of Jessy with her father and commented:

"I do not know what I want to say ... My warmest condolences to my friend, sister, and my beloved friend for the loss of her beloved father George... May your soul rest in peace angel."


Also, Nancy Ajram tweeted:

“Death is difficult, and a father’s loss is irreplaceable. May his soul rest in peace.”