At what age should our daughters start waxing?

If she's ready, why not?

Janine Ayoub


At what age should our daughters start waxing?

Mommy, I want to tweeze my legs, I want thinner eyebrows... Between Instagram stars and their favorite celebrities, our progeny have a much closer relationship with beauty that we did at their age. The edited images on magazines and the reality TV bimbos are imposing very demanding beauty standards to our girl. Is she old enough to put makeup? When should we just say stop?

Some girls have a highly developed body hair system at only 10 years old, and are bullied at school because of this issue. This pre-puberty body hair can be a real psychological handicap for these girls. As parents, it's our duty to help them overcome this problem and encourage them to wax. Especially as our daughter will eventually do so alone or with a girlfriend if we refuse!

There is no medical or social rule, you must only be sure that your daughter is ready to engage in such a ritual that is not necessarily pleasant and that can be painful.