LED Face Mask will Solve your Skin Problems in 20 mins

What does each color do?

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LED Face Mask will Solve your Skin Problems in 20 mins

Skin problems are commonly treated with skincare products, such as face creams, serums, oils and sheet face masks, that nourish and moisturize your skin. Today we will introduce you to a more advanced face mask, which is the LED light therapy mask, a phototherapy.


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What is phototherapy?

It is a revolutionary technique for exposing your skin to rays similar to the sun’s to treat different problems with light. Skin light therapy helps increase vitamin D production, boost cell metabolism, increase skin elasticity, stimulate blood circulation and increase collagen production.

It is an electrical mask that emits an LED light in different colors which are red, blue, yellow, purple and white. Each LED color help


How does each LED color improve your skin complexion?



Red light stimulates collagen production by activating skin cells and metabolism. It also fights aging signs, so that your skin looks healthy and young, treats dark spots, reduce pores and softens the skin.



The blue light helps eliminate bacteria that leads to acne breakouts, without causing damage to the skin, as well as preventing infections. Blue light reduces the excess oily secretions and repairs your skin without leaving scars.



Yellow light improves the transfer of oxygen to the skin cells and replenishes energy in them. It also treats skin pigmentation and promotes the elimination of lymph toxins and wrinkles. It helps with the redness of the skin and increases immunity.



The benefits of red and blue light are combined in one color: purple. Purple light enhances protein fibers and reduces pores. It treats acne and acne scars.



White light penetrates the skin deeply, accelerates metabolism and stimulates skin cells, as it contributes as well to reducing wrinkles and fine lines.


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How to use the LED Light Therapy mask?

- Wash your face and use a cotton towel to dry it a bit

- Press the power button, the power indicator lights, and choose the LED color you want to use on your skin.

- When turning on the mask, don't stare at the light for a long time.

- Put the LED mask on your face and lie down for max 20 mins. You can adjust the belt to place the mask firmly on your face

- Close your eyes and have fun. Do not watch TV or surf the internet during light therapy.