“Maskne” is becoming a real thing right now

How to deal with breakouts from wearing facemasks?

Vanessa Haber


“Maskne” is becoming a real thing right now

It’s important to wear your facemask now more than ever; as lockdown has being lifted gradually, life is going back to normal, restaurants and public places are re-opening, you need to be covering your face, according to safety measures.


Although we have to wear our facemask everywhere we go, no one can deny that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable especially when temperature is rising outside! People are not only unable to catch a breath with their facemasks on, but facemasks are causing “Maskne” as well.


“Maskne” is a term that has come to light recently, as it describes the acne, breakouts and blemishes caused by the friction and sweat that comes when wearing a facemask. It has become a real skin problem now!


If you’re having a Maskne problem, then keep on reading to know how to prevent acne this summer.


Maskne problem


Clean face

It’s important to wash your face every day & night, especially if you’re suffering from maskne. Use a face cleanser that’s suitable for your skin type, to take off dirt, oil, and makeup completely. Also, don’t forget to moisturize your skin. If you have a super sensitive skin, then you should try to use soothing balms.


Zinc-Based Sunscreen

Before going out, don’t forget to put your sunscreen on, and your facemask. However, apply a zinc-based sunscreen, because it is a mineral UV blocker and skin protectant. It helps form a seal over the skin to provide some level of protection from the mask itself.


Treating Acne

If you have an oily skin or stubborn acne, then you should treat your problem, because let’s face it, the facemask is going to worsen your acne problem. Thus, you should either try skincare products that contains benzoyl peroxide or seek a dermatologist consultation.


Natural Fabrics

When you buy a facemask make sure to get one with natural fabrics such as cotton or silk instead of synthetic fabrics. This allows your skin to breathe more. However, you must be careful with those, because they don’t provide full protection, especially if you’re a front-line worker.


Keep your face mask clean

When you wear facemask for a long time, bacteria would accumulate inside it, which can cause inflammation and acne. Therefore, you should either wash your cloth face mask or change it regularly.