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Assala Visited this Country after Airport Re-opening

She met with this Lebanese Designer as well

Hala Fayyad


Assala Visited this Country after Airport Re-opening

After lockdown lift and life going back to normal in most countries, including airports re-opening, Syrian star Assala Nasri took the chance to visit Lebanon. Assala arrived on the night of July 2 at Beirut airport, along with her brother Anas Nasri, her twins Ali, Adam and her son Khaled al-Thahabi.


It seems that the Syrian star was waiting for this lockdown lift and the airport re-opening to meet with the Lebanese designer Nicolas Jebran, as he published a photo on his Instagram page and another one on his Stories with his beloved friend Assala. Nicolas Jebran welcomed Assala and embraced her, expressing how much he missed her. Nicolas commented on the photo saying:


"My all-time amazing SOLA .Assala is here!! Missed you a lot!!”



However, neither of them revealed whether this sweet reunion after lockdown andAssala's visit to Lebanon was for business purposes or justa reunion between friends.


As for Aasala's brother, AnasNasri, he shared some photos while they were heading to Lebanon with Assala’s children, also, some pictures with Assala, who didn’t mention earlier that she was coming to Lebanon; it was very surprising to her fans.