How To Go Blonde Safely?

Have Fun Without Regrets!

Justine Feutry / Madame Figaro


How To Go Blonde Safely?

Emily Ratajkowski just gave in to the blonde's call. Here are hairdresser David Lucas’ tips for those who want to follow the example of Kérastase Ambassador, without having any regrets.

"All brunettes have had at least once in their lives the desire to dye their hair blonde," says David Lucas, hairdresser ambassador for Kérastase. It seems that the new face of the brand, Emily Ratajkowski, is no exception.

The actress, model and influencer has posted several photos of her hair transformation on her Instagram account. It is a great opportunity to talk about this hair transformation that tickles us regularly, and to remember some rules before trying it.



Think Twice

The model, who stood out in Robin Thicke and Pharrell Williams' “Blurred Lines” music video, has just made a bold radical hair change. She proved that brunettes can slip into a blonde’s skin if they feel like it.

“A lot of women love this hair color, because they were blonde when they were little. Also, there are some women with a very deep, Mediterranean color, who decide to lighten their hair, especially when the first grey hairs appear," says David Lucas.

 If they feel motivated to do so, then they must be so sure about their decision, the hairdresser says: "there is a real psychological perspective in this hair change". It should not be done on a whim but thought carefully before taking the decision.


Define the blonde you want

“We always discuss with a client who wants to makes this type of hair transformation to define her expectations. After making sure that she is ready to make this change, you have to understand what she means by blonde. This is the importance of referring to models, who motivated her decision,” explains the specialist. Whether through images found on Instagram or Pinterest, models on the pages of a magazine ... So many references can help the colorist understand your expectations.

It is essential to get the desired result. Especially with a color that has many nuances (polar, Californian ...) and which can be a radical change as well as a smooth transition.


“We notice a very young clientele aged 15-20 years who demand a completely discolored, almost white hair. More customers are also taking on the brown roots for a rockier side. ”


However, for David Lucas, the older we get, the more this change is hard to make, the platinum blonde has no pity on dull skin tones. Anyways, the hair expert recommends doing this transformation in stages, for example in several colors or highlights to get a more natural look.

"I happen to do this big transformation on the same day for certain actresses for example, but it is better to do it in stages over the next few days or weeks," recommends the hairdresser.


Know the consequences

If you must think about this hair transformation, it is because it has consequences on the hair.


"We must keep in mind that the materials will not the same: the hair will be more sensitive because it will be discolored."


 To go from brown to blonde, discoloration is necessary. “If the hair is natural, dying will be easier, on the other hand, if the hair was dyed, it is even more complicated to change it”, warns the expert.

“This is the case, for example, with artificial dye used to mask grey hair. They have an effective covering effect so it takes a much stronger lightening power to get rid of them. ”

Also pay attention to curly hair which tends to be more brittle and coloring will worsen the brittleness. On the other hand, highlight will open the hair ends and give a thickness-looking hair. It is something appreciated by women with fine hair ... however, we must be aware of the fibers.





Go blonde before summer


"A beautiful blonde is a blonde who has lots of nuances, who has been oxidized and seen the sun," said David Lucas.


Blonde hair will create a beautiful contrast with tanned skin during summer, thus avoiding the dull look. The hairdresser also points out that in winter, we tend to come back to darker colors, something that has more character, hence to browns shades.


Special hair care routine

Going blonde requires more care and attention. It requires careful daily maintenance to limit the negative effects of discoloration. Therefore, you will opt for deep care to limit the risk of split or broken ends if it is too dry.

You will also have to prevent the yellowing effect by applying oil beforehand as David Lucas recommends. He advises to use a good shampoo afterwards, followed by a systematic care for the lengths, without forgetting a thermal protector if you use heating devices for styling.

You also have to be aware of hair growth and the root effect, which is solved with a new hair salon appointment every 8-10 weeks. If you focus on the lengths, repeat the process every 3 to 4 months.


What if we regret?

"There is nothing simpler than to go darker. You have to go back gently with good dye but it is easier to recolor hair than to discolor it," reassures David Lucas.

Remember that hair grows back and renews constantly:


"if you want to go back to your brown shades, there is nothing impossible!"