Katy Perry’s Adorable Baby Nickname

Her due date is almost around the corner

Hala Fayyad


Katy Perry’s Adorable Baby Nickname

In her latest appearance, Katy Perry was having a great time at the beach in Malibu, where she showed up her baby bump in a one-piece swimsuit, few weeks before her due date.

Katy enjoyed a day at the beach with her fiancé actor Orlando Bloom, who was enjoying the waves for a nice surf.



The Roar songstress announced her first pregnancy in March, through Never Worn White music video.  During a virtual chat with “Hits Radio, Katy revealed the funny nickname she would give to her unborn baby: "Sometimes I call her Kicky Perry." As the baby moves and do a lot of kicks.


 Katy has been with her fiancée Orlando Bloom since 2016, they celebrated their engagement on Valentine's Day last year. However Perry explained earlier that the wedding was delayed, fearing from the obligations and responsibilities that accompany marital life.