Meghan Markle Urges Young Women to Keep Challenging Authority

Check her hair transformation & Speech

Vanessa Haber


Meghan Markle Urges Young Women to Keep Challenging Authority

Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle’s appearances have been limited since coronavirus lockdown and her retirement from Royal duties with her husband Prince Harry, as she now takes advantage of social media to send her empowering messages.


In her latest appearances, Meghan appeared in a 10-mins video for an event organized by the UN initiative Girl Up, to deliver an empowering speech about racial and gender inequality across the world.



Watch her full speech:


Meghan Markle opted for a sleeveless classic blue dress from Adam Lippes, with a gold bracelet designed by Monica Vinader. The former Duchess also showed up her hair transformation with a straight hair, which looked longer than in previous video calls in recent weeks.


“Those in the halls and corridors and places of power—from lawmakers to world leaders to executives—all of those people, they depend on you more than you will ever depend on them. And here’s the thing: They know this,' Meghan said in her speech.




On a side note, The Sun has reported earlier that Magic Linen employees had to cancel their summer vacations, in order to keep pace with the new orders, after Megan appeared in a Magic Linen symmetrical dress and now everyone wants one. Since Megan was shot in this creamy loose dress, the company's business has bloomed very quickly.