Easy Way to Recreate Jacquemus’ Messy Bun

The Hairdresser behind the fashion show reveals the secret

Justine Feutry / Madame Figaro


Easy Way to Recreate Jacquemus’ Messy Bun

Ramona Erschbach, head of the hairdressing team behind Jacquemus show which took place last Thursday in the Vexin Regional Natural Park, tells us the secrets on how to make the perfect bun.


Simon Porte Jacquemus presented on Thursday July 16thhis new SS21 collection in a wheat field. During the show, two main hairstyles were obvious: the “messy bun” and the natural flow.

"I insist on the term 'natural' because the hair is naturally slightly wavy, not perfectly straight," explains Ramona Erschbach, the show's hairdresser. Ramona revealed some the tips for making this famous messy bun at home. It would be the perfect hairstyle for this summer, especially after lockdown.


Prepare your hair

"I spray a bit of water or a moisturizing spray all over the hair, as well as a little serum or leave-in treatment on the ends to give it some natural look. Then I dry the whole thingusing my fingers to separate hair locks," says the hairdresser.



The secret for behind the perfect bun

“To make the bun, I ask the model to bend her head forward as the roots go all in the same direction. Then I brush the hair with a flat brush, before tying them with a rubber band at the root, on the top of the head.

When the ponytail is done, pull slightly some strands at the root to loosen the hold of the bun a bit. This will soften the contours of the face and give a more natural playful effect.

Then, I twist the tie to create a messy-effect. If your hair is very thick, separate it into 2 sections for a more natural, less imposing result.

Take out few strands slightly, avoid making it look like a ballerina bun, which is a very tight one and aesthetically perfect.

Use a texturizing spray at the hairline to create a messy, long-lasting effect.”



Natural Hair Look

"For the natural flow, spray a little water on the entire hair and a leave-in treatment on the ends, serum or oil depending on the texture of the hair. Dry it by passing your fingers through your hair, then create a light wave for a full-length wavy effect with a styling product or curling iron. For the perfect finish, make sure your ends are smooth, that they aren't damaged or broken, and that you don't have frizz. "